Mohammad Abdelhady

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The objective was to evaluate the relative efficacy of cryoablation (CRYO) versus external beam radiation (EBRT) for clinically locally advanced prostate cancer in a randomized clinical trial. Patients with histologically proven, clinically staged as T2C, T3A or T3B disease were randomized with 6 months of perioperative hormone therapy to one of the two(More)
BACKGROUND Medullary carcinomas of the breast account for fewer than 7% of all invasive breast cancers. Some investigators include medullary carcinomas in the favourable histologic subtype, despite its aggressive histologic appearance. However, others fail to confirm its favourable prognosis. METHODS This was a retrospective analysis of sixty-one (61)(More)
Introduction Due to the close anatomical relationship between the paranasal sinuses and the orbit, involvement or injury of the orbit from paranasal sinuses procedures may occur. Objectives We aimed to study the early and delayed effect of endoscopic sinus surgery on intraocular pressure (IOP). Methods We included in the study 38 patients with chronic(More)
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