Mohammad Ababneh

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Task execution Deadline Time (DL) in real-time systems is a critical constraint. Every task should have a Maximum Computational Time (MCT) that is needed before reaching a given DL time. Scheduling jobs in real-time systems is thus a nondeterministic polynomial NP problem. Three algorithms can be found in literature to solve these problems in a multi(More)
—We prototype a policy-based dialog system for providing physical access control to secured facilities and smart buildings. In our prototype system, physical access control policies are specified using the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language. Based on the policy and the user's presence information, our dialog system automatically produces a series of(More)
— Someone seeking entry to an access controlled facility or through a border control point may face an in person interview. Questions that may be asked in such an interview may depend on the context and vary in detail. One of the issues that interviewers face is to ask relevant questions that would enable them to either accept or reject entrance. Repeating(More)
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