Mohammad Ababneh

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Between June and September 2013, sera from 11 dromedary camels, 150 goats, 126 sheep and 91 cows were collected in Jordan, where the first human Middle-East respiratory syndrome (MERS) cluster appeared in 2012. All sera were tested for MERS-coronavirus (MERS-CoV) specific antibodies by protein microarray with confirmation by virus neutralisation.(More)
The approach to defining a coalition battle management language (BML) now being pursued by SISO requires mapping of BML into a JC3IEDM database, which is accessed via a Web service. In previous SIW papers we have reported on a new approach to implementing such a Web service, based on the notion of an interpreter module. This scripting engine takes as its(More)
Task execution Deadline Time (DL) in real-time systems is a critical constraint. Every task should have a Maximum Computational Time (MCT) that is needed before reaching a given DL time. Scheduling jobs in real-time systems is thus a nondeterministic polynomial NP problem. Three algorithms can be found in literature to solve these problems in a multi(More)
Battle Management Language (BML) and related technologies under development for the past few years have been shown to provide a promising capability for command and control to simulation interoperability. BML enables a robust "System of Systems" or a "Coalition of Systems". However, the " last mile problem " for BML development is to have a user interface(More)
—We prototype a policy-based dialog system for providing physical access control to secured facilities and smart buildings. In our prototype system, physical access control policies are specified using the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language. Based on the policy and the user's presence information, our dialog system automatically produces a series of(More)
NATO MSG-085 was chartered to "Investigate approaches for the deployment of Coalition BML capabilities complementing existing operational C2 system exchange mechanisms." A recognized capability needed to achieve this is a functional NATO Operations Order (OPORD) for the Battle Management Language (BML). GMU has developed a schema for a NATO OPORD, based on(More)
Chord is a structured peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay network in which participating peers share resources as equals. To find a specific data item within the network, Chord system provide a lookup mechanism that matches a given key to a network node responsible for the value associated with that key. Chord is recently proposed to become one of the new approaches(More)
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  • 2013
INTEROPERABILITY IN M&S A fine-tuned simulation is like a well-written and performed symphony – music to my ears. But, like great music, a great simulation is difficult to develop and execute. Seventeen years ago, the DoD noted that simulations are narrowly focused, stove-piped developments designed to support specific user communities. As a result, they(More)