Mohammad A. U. Khan

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Suaeda fruticosa (L.) Forssk plants grown in saline conditions (200 to 400 mol m!3 NaCl) had greater fresh and dry weights than those grown in non-saline controls, and 600 to 1000 mol m!3 NaCl inhibited growth. Gibberellic acid and kinetin both alleviated some of the inhibitory effects of salinity at 800 mol m!3 NaCl on shoot growth of S. fruticosa while(More)
Constraint specific wireless sensor networks need energy efficient and secure communication mechanisms. In this paper we propose Lightweight Security protocol (LSec) that fulfils both requirements. LSec provides authentication and authorization of sensor nodes with simple secure key exchange scheme. It also provides confidentiality of data and protection(More)
The detection and enhancement of coronary arterial trees (CATs) in an angiogram image is an important preprocessing task that greatly reduces the stress on further processing such as 3D reconstruction of a CAT model. Conventional techniques make use of gradient operators to detect the CAT structure. However, the gradients are local operators that do not(More)
In general, online signature capturing devices provide outputs in the form of shape and velocity signals. In the past, strokes have been extracted while tracking velocity signal minimas. However, the resulting strokes are larger and complicated in shape and thus make the subsequent job of generating a discriminative template difficult. We propose a new(More)
Salt tolerance of Arthrocnemum macrostachyum (Moric.) C. Koch (Chenopodiaceae), a stem-succulent halophyte most commonly found in the intertidal regions of the provinces of Sind and Balochistan, Pakistan, was investigated. Plants were grown for 125 d at six sodium chloride (NaCl) concentrations from 0 to 1000 mM to determine the effects of salinity on ion(More)
The traditional on-line signature verification process involves use of various dynamic features such as velocity, pressure, acceleration, angles, etc. The idea is to device a composite vector structure combining more than one feature where each feature is treated independently. Our proposed research work is an attempt to exploit the interfeature(More)
Chest radiographs play an important role in the diagnosis of lung cancer. Detection of pulmonary nodules in chest radiographs forms the basis of early detection. Due to its sparse bone structure and overlapping of the nodule with ribs and clavicles the nodule is hard to detect in conventional chest radiographs. We present a technique based on Independent(More)