Mohammad A. Rajabi

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Landfill selection in an urban area is a critical issue in the urban planning process because of its enormous impact on the economy, ecology and the environmental health of the region. With the growth of urbanization as well as the desire to live in cities, lager amount of wastes are produced and unfortunately the problem gets bigger everyday. With the(More)
BACKGROUND Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer. There is an established correlation between thickness and aggressiveness of the tumor. Nevertheless, the potential value of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in correlation with tumor progression remains unresolved. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty seven paraffin blocks of cutaneous melanoma were(More)
Numerous geoscience and engineering applications need denser and more accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) height data. Collecting additional height data in the field, if not impossible, is either expensive or time consuming or both. Stereo aerial or satellite imagery is often unavailable and very expensive to acquire. Interpolation techniques are fast and(More)
Digital terrain models (DTMs) in the present context are simply regular grids of elevation measurements over the land surface. DTMs are mainly extracted by applying the technique of stereo measurements to images available from aerial photography and/or remote sensing. Enormous amounts of local and global DTM data with different specifications are now(More)
Evolution in transportation technology makes the necessity for increasing passenger safety. Today women safety is more important when they are travelling in public transport. So we want a tracking system for passengers so that we can monitor at anytime from anywhere. Mostly passenger tracking systems are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based but they(More)
Carrier beat phase measurements of GPS are routinely used for precise positioning applications. However, before any position can be computed, the carrier ambiguity which is an inherent part of these types of observations should be correctly resolved. Otherwise, the computed positions are biased and their corresponding accuracies are drastically decreased.(More)