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Establishing real-time models for electric motors is of importance for capturing authentic dynamic behavior of the motors to improve control performance, enhance robustness, and support diagnosis. Quantized sensors are less expensive and remote controlled motors mandate signal quantization. Such limitations on observations introduce challenging issues in(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy treatment is specified by radiation dose prescriptions, but biological DNA damage actually controls treatment effectiveness. It is impractical to directly measure dose in the clinic, so we measure quantities, such as collected charge, and calculate the relationship to dose. At small fields, such as those in stereotactic radiosurgery(More)
PURPOSE Many types of dosimeters are used to measure radiation, but none of them directly measures the biological effect of this dose. The purpose here is to create a dosimeter that can measure the probability of double-strand breaks (DSB) for DNA, which is directly related to the biological effect of radiation. METHODS The dosimeter has DNA strands,(More)
PURPOSE A DNA double-strand break (DSB) dosimeter was developed to measure the biological effect of radiation. The goal here is to refine the fabrication method of this dosimeter to reproducibly create a low coefficient of variation (CoV) and reduce the cost for the dosimeter. METHODS Our dosimeter consists of 4 kilo-base pair DNA strands (labeled on one(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Information Technology (IT) to the Jordanian hospitals in terms of patient care and financial aspects management. This study established that various Jordanian hospitals have different levels and standards of IT within their supply chain. The research motivated by lack of latest data and information(More)
A patient specific quality assurance (QA) should detect errors that originate anywhere in the treatment planning process. However, the increasing complexity of treatment plans has increased the need for improvements in the accuracy of the patient specific pretreatment verification process. This has led to the utilization of higher resolution QA methods such(More)
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