Mohammad A. Mosleh Shirazi

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Accuracy of treatment planning systems may significantly influence the efficacy of brachytherapy. The purpose of this work is a detailed, varied and independent evaluation of an in-house brachytherapy treatment planning software called STPS. Operational accuracy of STPS was investigated. Geometric tests were performed to validate entry and reconstruction of(More)
In this study, dose rate distribution around a spherical 137Cs pellet source, from a low-dose-rate (LDR) Selectron remote afterloading system used in gynecological brachytherapy, has been determined using experimental and Monte Carlo simulation techniques. Monte Carlo simulations were performed using MCNP4C code, for a single pellet source in water medium(More)
Dosimetric verification of radiation treatment has recently been extended by the introduction of electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs). Detailed dose response specifications of EPID should be addressed prior to any dosimetric application. The present study evaluates improvements of dosimetric properties of the low elbow camera-based EPID Theraview(More)
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