Mohammad A. Matin

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A finite element formulation is developed for solving the problem related to thermoelastic damping in beam resonator systems. The perturbation analysis on the governing equations of heat conduction, thermoleasticity, and dynamic motion leads to a linear eigen-value equation for the exponential growth rate of temperature, displacement, and velocity. The(More)
Pristine, W and Mn 1% doped Ba 0.6 Sr 0.4 TiO 3 epitaxial thin films grown on the LaAlO 3 substrate were deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). Dielectric and ferroelectric properties were determined by the capacitance measurements and X-ray diffraction was used to determine both residual elastic strains and defect-related inhomogeneous strains by(More)
The water-resistant adhesion of mussel adhesive proteins (MAPs) to a wet surface requires a cross-linking step, where the catecholic ligands of MAPs coordinate to various transition-metal ions. Fe(III), among the range of metal ions, induces particularly strong cross-linking. The molecular details underlying this cross-linking mediated by transition-metal(More)
It is well known that semiconductor nanoparticles (NPs) can assemble into a range of low dimensional structures, such as nanowires, nanorods and nanosheets. In this study, we investigate the self-assembly of CdTe NPs by using Monte Carlo simulation. Using a simple model for the anisotropic interaction of NPs, the present Monte Carlo simulation demonstrated(More)
This paper reports a large scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulation study of the wettability of a gold surface engraved with (hemi)spherical cavities. By increasing the depth of cavities, the contact angle (CA) of a water droplet on the surface was varied from a hydrophilic (69°) to a hydrophobic value (>109°). The nonmonotonic behavior of the CA vs the(More)
Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract In this study, we analysed the role of vegetation in the recycling of water in two en-dorheic watersheds in northwest China, namely within the Shiyang and Hei River watersheds(More)
Cover illustration: SAC solder after thermal fatigue, Inverse pole figure (IPF) map, PLM micrograph after fatigue, Von Mises stress field-FE simulation, misorientation angles between adjacent grains. Contents Summary vii Samenvatting ix 1 Introduction 1 1.
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