Mohammad A. El-Bardini

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In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy iterative learning control algorithm is proposed for controlling one of the Mecha-tronics systems. The proposed control scheme is based upon a proportional-derivative-integral (PID) iterative learning control (ILC), for which a fuzzy control is added to tune the parameters of the PID-type ILC. Moreover, an adaptation law is(More)
In this paper, a practical real-time path planning and robot navigation algorithm for a non-holonomic indoor mobile robot based on visual servoing is implemented. The proposed algorithm is divided into three parts; the first part uses Multi-Stencils Fast Marching (MSFM) as a path planning method. But the generated path results from fast marching methods(More)
This paper presents an implementation and practical results for dynamic path planning and robot navigation for a non-holonomic indoor wheeled mobile robot (WMR) based on visual servoing. The proposed algorithm is based on the visual information extracted from a single ceiled IP-camera in the overall its stages. The algorithm is divided into three stages;(More)
In power plant control system, the capability to achieve an optimal tracking property of the nonlinear multi-input multi-output (MIMO) units has been an important task. This paper proposes a direct adaptive wavelet neural network controller of boiler-turbine system for improving the performance and efficiently achieving the good tracking property to meet(More)
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