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Lotus creticus (L.) is a major pastoral and forage legume in the arid climate of Tunisia where salinity is a serious production problem. A laboratory experiment was carried out to assess the physiological behaviour of two populations of Lotus creticus (Msarref (Msf) and Oued Dkouk (Odk)) in a solid substratum in the presence of salt. The tested(More)
Catalysts daily accelerate and boost thousands of different chemical reactions, and thereby form the basis for the multibillion dollar chemical industry worldwide and indispensable environmental protective technologies. Research in nanotechnology and nanoscience is expected to have a great impact on the development of new catalysts. The detailed(More)
Literature on conflict has largely overlooked migrants’ remittances, and literature on migrant’s remittances has largely avoided conflict settings. Using a microlevel approach, this paper explores how remittances have affected households coping with conflict and fragility in the Somali city of Hargeisa. Drawing on survey and ethnographic evidence, the paper(More)
This paper presents an analog implementation of a fast controller for a unity-power-factor (UPF) PWM rectifier. The best settling times of many popular controllers for this type of converter are on the order of a few line cycles, corresponding to bandwidths under 20 Hz [l]. The fast controller demonstrated in this paper can exercise control action at a rate(More)
Three spirurid nematode species have been collected from Egyptian rodents in Giza province. Streptopharagus kuntzi was collected from stomach and small intestine of Rattus ratus, R. norvegicus, Arvicanthis niloticus and Gerbillus gerbillus. Protospirura muris and P. marsupialis have also been collected from A. niloticus, R. rattus and R. norvegicus but P.(More)
  • ALI U. SORMAN, MOHAMED, J. ABDULRAZZAK, Ali U. Sorman, Mohamed J. Abdulrazzak
  • 2007
Groundwater recharge in arid regions is intermittent and usually occurs as a result of flood flow transmission losses in dry wadi channels. Hydrograph characteristics play a dominant role in determining the amount of channel abstraction in relation to the width of the wetted perimeter and the time of inundation, and the subsequent groundwater recharge.(More)
Background: Despite the best intentions of caregivers, medical errors occur frequently. Each year thousands of injuries and deaths in hospitals result from medical errors. Reporting and disclosure about incidents errors is fundamental to error prevention. Aim: The aim of this research was to assess the personal preference and perceived barriers toward(More)
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