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– Abstract The present paper examines how factors such as focus, sentence position and syllable structure contribute to the alignment of F0 (fundamental frequency) contours in Arabic. Five Moroccan Arabic speakers were recorded reading declarative sentences with or without narrow focus at different positions. The results indicate that F0 peak placement is(More)
A comparison of F0 alignment values was carried out for three Arabic dialects (Moroccan Arabic, Kuwaiti Arabic and Yemeni Arabic) using five speakers from each dialect. Clear differences found in alignment enable separation of Moroccan Arabic from the two other dialects: a) values of the F0 valley differed significantly, with Moroccan Arabic showing a later(More)
This paper reports two experiments that investigate the articulatory and acoustic properties of the following geminate stops in Figuig Berber: aspirated [tt h ], and unaspirated [tt] and [dd]. The first experiment examines the laryngeal adjustments in these consonants by means of photoglottography and the second experiment investigates the place of(More)
The present paper examines how phonetic duration due to syllable structure contributes to the alignment of F0 peaks in Moroccan Arabic. The F0 peak occurs within but near the end of the accented syllable if the vowel is phonetically long due its occurrence in a final CVC. If the accented vowel is phonetically short as in a penultimate CV, the F0 peak is(More)
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