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A new high-speed Domino circuit, called HS-Domino is developed. HS-Domino resolves the trade-off between performance and noise margins in conventional CD-Domino logic while dissipating low dynamic power with minimal area overhead. A dual-threshold (MTCMOS) implementation of HS-Domino and DDCVS logic is also devised. This implementation achieves low leakage(More)
—This paper introduces a new reduced swing logic style called dynamic current mode logic (DyCML) that reduces both gate and interconnect power dissipation. DyCML circuits combine the advantages of MOS current mode logic (MCML) circuits with those of dynamic logic families to achieve high performance at a low-supply voltage with low-power dissipation. Unlike(More)
Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentry disorder of the skin and mucous membranes which manifests as white macules and patches due to selective loss of melanocytes. Etiological hypotheses of vitiligo include genetic, immunological, neurohormonal, cytotoxic, biochemical, oxidative stress and newer theories of melanocytorrhagy and decreased melanocytes survival.(More)
Scleromyxedema (SM) is a sclerotic variant of lichen or papular mucinosis in which lichenoid papules and scleroderma-like features are both present. It is a rare deposition disorder characterized by generalized papular and sclerodermoid eruptions, mucin deposition, increased fibroblast proliferation, fibrosis, and monoclonal gammopathy (also known as(More)
Sweet corn was originally due to the recessive allele sugary1 (su1). Sweet corn breeders frequently use field corn genotypes for broadening the narrow genetic base of sweet corn but they have to deal with the reduced viability of su1 plants within some field corn genetic backgrounds. Emergence and seedling vigor are the most critical traits affecting the(More)
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