Mohamed Tawfik

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OBJECTIVE To determine the safety and efficacy of transdermal fentanyl for pain relief in cancer patients and to compare the effects on patients according to whether they had previously received strong opioids, weak opioids or non-opioid analgesia. METHODS Cancer patients requiring strong analgesia were recruited into an open-label, multicentre study,(More)
Presented in this paper is a tool that automatically migrates analog designs from one process to another while keeping circuit and layout topologies. A netlist migration engine recalculates the new device dimensions in the target technology followed by a layout migration engine that compacts the design according to the new process design rules. The overall(More)
until a few decades ago, face to face classrooms and hand-on laboratories were the common solution for teaching theory and practice. But, new e-Learning tools have emerged and learning methodologies such as blended and distance learning have taken an important space in learning initiatives. Among them are virtual and remote Labs which provide student with a(More)
This paper describes the design, development and first results and impressions of a novel Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on industrial electronics practices. This was possible by implementing a state-of–the-art remote laboratory within the MOOC to allow online delivery of such practices— which makes this MOOC a first of its kind. Thus, the core of the(More)
Practical sessions are the backbone of qualification in engineering education. It leads to a better understanding and allows mastering scientific concepts and theories. The lack of the availability of practical sessions at many universities and institutions owing to the cost and the unavailability of instructors the most of the time caused a significant(More)
Fundamentals of electronic circuits’ practices have a central role in all the electrical engineering education disciplines. They teach the student the basics of electronic circuit’s components and the adjustment of electrical instruments, and allow him to wire and build circuits in order to realize and monitor measurements. Unfortunately, and despite the(More)