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Farouk Soliman3
Walid Chalhoub2
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Keywords: SWAT Continuous rainfall–runoff model Eastern Desert Sinai peninsula Remote sensing GIS s u m m a r y Efforts to understand and to quantify precipitation and its partitioning into runoff evapo-transpiration, and recharge are often hampered by the absence or paucity of appropriate monitoring systems. We applied methodologies for rainfall–runoff and(More)
The dramatic increase in space-borne sensors over the past two decades is presenting unique opportunities for new and enhanced applications in various scientific disciplines. Using these data sets, hydrogeologists can now address and understand the partitioning of water systems on regional and global scales, yet such applications present mounting challenges(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o 14 C adjusted model age Paleowesterlies Paleomonsoon Sixteen groundwater samples collected from production wells tapping Lower Cretaceous Nubian Sandstone and fractured basement aquifers in Sinai were analyzed for their stable isotopic compositions, dissolved noble gas concentrations (recharge temperatures), tritium activities, and 14(More)
—Efforts to map the distribution of debris flows, to assess the factors controlling their development, and to identify the areas susceptible to their occurrences are often hampered by the paucity of monitoring systems and historical databases in many parts of the world. In this paper, we develop and successfully apply methodologies that rely heavily on(More)
Enteric duplication cysts (EDCs) are benign congenital anomalies that are found incidentally in adults. Gastric duplication cysts (GDCs) are the least common subtype of EDC, but when located near the pancreas, may resemble other neoplastic conditions. We report a case of GDC adjacent to the pancreas with high cystic fluid amylase and carcinoembryonic(More)
A 27-year-old male was referred to our institution for further evaluation of persistent rectal bleeding. A prior colonoscopy showed a sigmoid soft tissue lesion, and pathology revealed chronic active colitis and granula-tion tissue with ulcers and focal adenomatous changes. We performed a flexible sigmoidoscopy that showed a 4.5-cm multilobulated polypoid(More)
Hydrological assessment studies across vast regions of the arid world are often hindered by the inaccessibility of these areas and the paucity of data sets, as well as the high expenses and diffi culties entailed in acquiring these data sets, their unpublished nature, and their varying scales, projections, and datum. Using the Eastern Desert (ED) of Egypt(More)
Satellite observations were used to test the validity of previously identified favourable conditions for the formation of freshwater lenses, identify additional potential occurrences, and model modern potential recharge in the Raudhatain Watershed (3696) in northern Kuwait. Favourable conditions include infrequent yet intensive precipitation events,(More)
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