Mohamed-Slim Alouini

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This letter addresses the problem of energy detection of an unknown signal over a multipath channel. It starts with the no-diversity case, and presents some alternative closed-form expressions for the probability of detection to those recently reported in the literature. Detection capability is boosted by implementing both square-law combining and(More)
We study the Shannon capacity of adaptive transmission techniques in conjunction with diversity combining. This capacity provides an upper bound on spectral efficiency using these techniques. We obtain closed-form solutions for the Rayleigh fading channel capacity under three adaptive policies: optimal power and rate adaptation, constant power with optimal(More)
_ In this paper we propose a new shadowed Rice model for land mobile satellite channels. In this model, the amplitude of the line-of-sight is characterized by the Nakagami distribution. The major advantage of the model is that it leads to closed-form and mathematically-tractable expressions for the fundamental channel statistics such as the envelope(More)
This book focuses on performance evaluation techniques for wireless systems in fading. It consists of five parts. The first part introduces system performance measures, types of fading encountered by wireless systems, and the basic types of communication (coherent, partially coherent, and noncoherent). The second part focuses on mathematical tools that are(More)