Mohamed Shalaby

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We report on approximate techniques for conversion between the implicit and the parametric representation of curves and surfaces, i.e., implicitization and parameterization. It is shown that these techniques are able to handle general free-form surfaces, and they can therefore be used to exploit the duality of implicit and parametric representations. In(More)
The deployment of femtocells in a LTE advanced system can extend the system coverage to include indoors. Unfortunately, an electromagnetic interference may occur among the femto users and the macro users in the case of co-channel deployment. A cognitive radio can be used to mitigate the interference among the femtocells and the macrocells. It is applied by(More)
In this paper, we present a new voice encryption for voice communication system. It is based on permutation and substitution of voice samples using transform domains and secret keys in time. To increase the security we design the system such that it is multilevel in the sense that two chaotic maps are used. This provides the encrypted signal with a high(More)
—This paper is presenting an idea of applying the Scrum framework in the IT service support domain. Scrum framework is mainly used with conjunction of other agile methods in software development domain, but almost, no reporting for its usage in the support of that software, except in few cases. Scrum framework can be applied at small, medium, and as well as(More)
We present an approximate implicitization method for planar curves. The computed implicit representation is a piecewise rational approximation of the distance function to the given parametric curve. The proposed method consists of four main steps: quadratic B–spline approximation of the given parametric curve, data reduction, segments–wise implicitization,(More)
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