Mohamed Saleh

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A bone graft has been the gold standard treatment for repairing bone defects. However, due to bone grafts associated donor site morbidity several alternative bone substitutes options have been made available but with their added expense and limited osteoinductive properties they are not ideal. Therefore, research has begun in tissue engineering to(More)
Flexor tendon injuries still remain a challenging condition to manage to ensure optimal outcome for the patient. Since the first flexor tendon repair was described by Kirchmayr in 1917, several approaches to flexor tendon injury have enabled successful repairs rates of 70-90%. Primary surgical repair results in better functional outcome compared to(More)
Syndactyly is a condition well documented in current literature due to it being the most common congenital hand defect, with a large aesthetic and functional significance.There are currently nine types of phenotypically diverse non-syndromic syndactyly, an increase since the original classification by Temtamy and McKusick(1978). Non-syndromic syndactyly is(More)
Extensor tendon injuries are very common injuries, which inappropriately treated can cause severe lasting impairment for the patient. Assessment and management of flexor tendon injuries has been widely reviewed, unlike extensor injuries. It is clear from the literature that extensor tendon repair should be undertaken immediately but the exact approach(More)
BACKGROUND The present study aimed to determine the prevalence and associated risk factors of vaginal trichomoniasis in women referred to gynecologic clinic in Benha University Hospital, Egypt. METHODS Two hundred female patients enrolled in the study. Vaginal samples were obtained from them and examined for T. vaginalis by wet mount, Giemsa stain,(More)
Cardiac alterations may be defined as changes that lead to abnormal cardiac function. They include decrease in preload, increase in afterload, and depressed cardiac contractility. Cardiac dysfunction differs from cardiac failure: cardiac performance is altered, but this does not necessarily mean that the cardiovascular system is failing. Several tools are(More)
Soft tissue deficiency in the upper limb is a common presentation following trauma, burns infection and tumour removal. Soft tissue coverage of the upper limb is a challenging problem for reconstructive surgeons to manage. The ultimate choice of soft tissue coverage will depend on the size and site of the wound, complexity of the injury, status of(More)
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