Mohamed Saleh Abdulla

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Under present environmental conditions, an increase in pollution owing to metals such as cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and methylmercury (MeHg) must be expected. The resulting effects would be seen particularly in the food chain. The daily intake of toxic metals in various parts of the world is different and depends on both the dietary habits and the(More)
Deficiency in the intake of trace elements, such as copper (Cu), iron (Fe), selenium (Se), and zinc (Zn), is very common in the general population of most developing countries. A preliminary study in India and Pakistan showing the plasma levels of Zn and Fe indicates that approx 50% of the subjects who participated have low levels of both Fe and Zn,(More)
In order to assess the nutritional importance of trace elements, it is relevant to consider the factors regulating their metabolism. One of the most important factors is the true intake level. Conventional techniques such as diet history and interview studies in conjunction with standard food tables do not provide the true intake levels from prepared meals.(More)
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) is defined as tuberculosis (TB) affecting organs other than lung. The most common site of EPTB is the lymph node. In adults, lymphadenopathy without a lung parenchymal infiltrate is rare and is usually observed in immunocompromised patients. We report a case of a 53 years old nonimmunocompromised women from Haiti affected(More)
Endodontics is a specialized branch of medicine that deals with dental care mainly focusing on inner soft tissues. Several dental disease and injuries are associated with the compromised health of the tooth related to the degradation of its various parts. Bioceramics are materials used for healing damaged parts of the teeth and have to be biocompatible. In(More)
Salmonella osteomyelitis occurs infrequently in healthy children and can manifest in the subacute form. This condition has only been reported in few cases previously. We report the first case of primary subacute haematogenous osteomyelitis of the calcaneum in a healthy 12-year-old child. The patient made uneventful recovery following surgical drainage and(More)
In cultures of rat tongue epithelial cells, cell proliferation following incubation with different doses of the potent tumor promoter TPA has been studied by using a stathmokinetic method counting colchicine arrested metaphases. It was demonstrated that 24 h incubation with concentrations higher than 5 ng TPA/mL medium caused inhibition, whereas below 5 ng(More)
The Amplitude Versus Azimuthal AVAZ analysis has proved to be an important tool for characterizing fracture distributions and orientations of hydrocarbon reservoirs. This paper is aiming at the application of this tool for characterizing the fractures in Bahrain field reservoirs. Better understanding of faults and fractures distribution is essential to(More)
To make the best use of time and facilities, a neutron activation system, fully automatic, including spectrum and data processing, to be used with short-lived nuclides, has been recently developed at the Portuguese Research Reactor (in Portuguese “Reactor Português de Investigação,” RPI). Using this system, the cumulative neutron activation analysis method(More)