Mohamed Salahuddin Habibullah

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Weather factors are widely studied for their effects on indicating dengue incidence trends. However, these studies have been limited due to the complex epidemiology of dengue, which involves dynamic interplay of multiple factors such as herd immunity within a population, distinct serotypes of the virus, environmental factors and intervention programs. In(More)
System reliability assessment is one of the major acts in the operation and maintenance of every industrial and service sector, which also holds true for maritime transportation system. The complexity of the maritime transportation system is a prime obstacle in the evaluation of the operational reliability of the system; mainly due to the fact that(More)
Considering factors such as economic costs and lives, an unreliable transportation system is more likely to cause severe consequences. Therefore, reliability optimization of transportation systems has attracted much attention over the past several decades. The traditional reliability optimization design is usually focused on redundancy allocation or(More)
The complexities of real industrial systems operation processes require computational methods that can analyze the large data and evaluate the behaviours of these systems. The use of methods such as Bayesian Network, Formal Safety Assessment and Statistical-Model based method were discussed as possibilities. Of which, a computational tool, based on the(More)
In maximizing a non-linear function G(0), it is well known that the steepest descent method has a slow convergence rate. Here we propose a systematic procedure to obtain a 1-1 transformation on the variables 0, so that in the space of the transformed variables, the steepest descent method produces the solution faster. The final solution in the original(More)
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