Mohamed Said Hamed

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PURPOSE Nitric oxide formation by nitric oxide synthase (NOS) has been implicated in vascular injury and retinal neovascularization during oxygen-induced retinopathy. However, the role of NOS in normal retinal vascular development and growth has not been studied. The purpose of these experiments was to characterize the expression of NOS in relation to(More)
Congenital fusion of the mandible to maxilla is a rare phenomenon. The fusion can be a bony fusion in which case it’s referred to as Syngnathia or soft tissue fusion when it’s addressed as Synechiae. [1] Soft tissues fusion is involved most often in the oral cavity but it may involve both hard and soft tissues of the child. This results in inability of(More)
Bulb mites,Rhizoglyphus echinopus (Fumoze and Robin), were exposed for 10 min in vials precoated with 23 radiocarbon-labeled pesticides, and the kinetics of penetration were assessed following post-exposure periods of 320 min or 24h, depending upon the compound. With all pesticides, penetration was biphasic and consisted of a rapid initial component (alpha(More)
Multivariate cumulative sum (MCUSUM) control charts are widely used in industry because they are powerful and easy to use. They cumulate recent process data to quickly detect out-of-control situations. MCUSUM procedures will usually give tighter process control than classical quality control charts. A MCUSUM signal does not mean that the process is(More)
A numerical investigation has been conducted to study the effect of modeling error in the state equation on the performance of the online input estimation algorithm in its application to the inverse heat conduction problems. This modeling error is used as a tuning parameter known as the stabilizing parameter in the online input estimation algorithm of the(More)
Life table characteristics were examined for the malaria vector, An. serenti from two Faiyum villages: Tersa (T) and El Nazlah (N) from Siwa oasis (Sw) under constant laboratory conditions at 25 degrees C and 70% RH. Females of T, N and Sw completed 4, 5, and 2 gonotrophic cycles (gc) respectively. The first gc required a significantly longer period(More)
One of the most powerful tools in quality control is the statistical control chart. First developed in the 1920's by Walter Shewhart, the control chart found widespread use during World War II and has been employed, with various modifications ever since. The drawbacks to multivariate charting schemes is their inability to identify which variable was the(More)
Generalized variance|S|quality control chart is very powerful way to detect small shifts in the mean vector. The main purpose of this paper, presents an improved the generalized variance |S|quality control chart for multivariate process. Generalized variance chart allow us to simultaneously monitor whether joint variability of two or more related variables(More)