Mohamed Saed Khalifa

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BACKGROUND Influenza is a communicable but preventable viral illness. Despite safe and effective vaccine availability, compliance rates are globally low. Neither local data on percentage of vaccination nor reasons for poor compliance among pediatric health providers are available in Qatar. AIM To estimate the percentage of vaccinated health care providers(More)
Bartter syndrome is an autosomal recessive disease manifested by a defect in chloride transport in the thick loop of Henle, with different genetic origins and molecular pathophysiology. Children with Bartter syndrome generally present in early infancy with persistent polyuria and associated dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and failure to thrive. Although(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence of urinary tract infection in infants and children with bronchiolitis. METHODS A retrospective cross-sectional study involving patients zero to 24 months of age who were hospitalized with acute bronchiolitis was conducted. RESULTS A total of 835 paediatric patients with acute bronchiolitis were admitted to the(More)
Over the last several decades the scope of applications of mechanical ventricular assisting devices has widened, and the availability of easily deployable devices has increased significantly [1]. The rapid adoptions of new temporary devices necessitate physicians to become familiar with these commonly used technologies [2]. Despite advances in coronary(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the risk of acquiring acute respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis in infants and children delivered by the mode of cesarean section (C-section). METHODS A retrospective and descriptive study was conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation. Patients with ages 0 to 36 months hospitalized with acute bronchiolitis were included in(More)
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