Mohamed Sadok Cherif

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BACKGROUND In this work, we have conducted a case-control study in order to assess the effect of tobacco and three genetic polymorphisms in XPC, ERCC2 and ERCC5 genes (rs2228001, rs13181 and rs17655) in bladder cancer development in Tunisia. We have also tried to evaluate whether these variants affect the bladder tumor stage and grade. METHODS The(More)
La conception d'un Système de Contrôle de la Qualité (SCQ) en présence de plusieurs caractéristiques est un problème décisionnel complexe. Le modèle du Goal Programming (GP) a été proposé pour résoudre ce type de problème. Il a été appliqué dans un contexte où les valeurs des buts sont considérées comme précises et les préférences du décideur ne sont pas(More)
Cutaneous metastases from bladder malignancies are rare. We report the case of a 74 year old man who underwent cysto-prostatectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy for a pT3b N+ bladder transitional cell carcinoma. Four months later, he presented with skin disseminated pigmented lesions. Skin biopsy confirmed cutaneous metastasis from urothelial carcinoma.
The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical significance of three immune cell-related transcription factors, T-bet, GATA-3 and Bcl-6 in bladder cancer in Tunisian patients. Expression of T-bet, GATA-3 and Bcl-6 genes was assessed using RT-qPCR in 65 bladder cancers from patients: 32 being diagnosed as low- and medium-grade, 31 as high-grade, 25 as(More)
The association of renal cancer and renal tuberculosis is uncommon. While the incidental discovery of renal cell carcinoma in a tuberculous kidney is a classical finding, the discovery of tuberculous lesions after nephrectomy for cancer is exceptional. We report the case of a female patient aged 60 who had a partial nephrectomy for a 5 cm exophytic kidney(More)
Eosinophilic cystitis is a rare inflammatory disease of the bladder which origin and pathogenesis are unknown. Since the first description in 1960, hundreds of cases have been reported, 20 Pseudotumor forms. We report a case of cystitis eosinophils in tumor-form, a patient of 72 years without urological or allergic history. The patient was treated with(More)
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp citri is a new soil-borne pathogen of mature citrus trees in Tunisia. ISSR and RAPD markers were used in this study to characterize strains of Fusarium oxysporum from citrus in Tunisia. Pathogenicity assays revealed that Fusarium oxysporum isolates caused from 32 to 95 % disease on seedlings of Citrus aurantium. Results showed that(More)
Various studies in western countries found Akt amplification to be a frequent event in human cancers, including bladder, but the correlation with clinicopathological features is controversial. Such studies have not been reported in African populations, including Tunisians. The purpose of this study was to assess expression of the phosphorylated/activated(More)