Mohamed Sadek

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In this paper, we apply a recently developed type of moments , Orthogonal Fourier-Mellin Moments (OFMMs) [7], to the specijic problem of fully translation-, scale-and in-plane rotation-invariant detection of human faces in two-dimensional static color images, and we compare theirper-formance with that of the generalized Hu's moments or non-orthogonal(More)
Ground vibrations generated by heavy trucks and buses are a common source of environmental problem. They can reach levels that may cause nuisance to residents, damage to nearby structures, and perturbation in the functioning of sensitive equipment. These vibrations are produced mainly when the vehicle wheel's pass over a speed reducer such as a road hump or(More)
The Wadi Hodein area in the south Eastern Desert of Egypt is occupied by Neoproterozoic Pan-African (Precambrian) basement rocks including metamorphic and intrusive assemblages. The metamorphic assemblage comprises dismembered ophiolitic metamorphosed ultramafic rocks and island-arc calc-alkaline metavolcanics. On the other hand, the intrusive assemblage(More)
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