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We analyze the security of Android KeyStore, a system service whose purpose is to shield users credentials and cryptographic keys. The KeyStore protects the integrity and the confidentiality of keys by using a particular encryption scheme. Our main results are twofold. First, we formally prove that the used encryption scheme does not provide integrity,(More)
The goal of network intrusion detection is to inspect network traffic in order to identify threats and known attack patterns. One of its key features is Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), that extracts the content of network packets and compares it against a set of detection signatures. While DPI is commonly used to protect networks and information systems, it(More)
Nowadays, there is a trend to integrate trusted computing concepts into autonomic systems. In this context, the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) was designed to enrich the previously defined trusted platforms. TEE is commonly known as an isolated processing environment in which applications can be securely executed irrespective of the rest of the system.(More)
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