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In this paper, we consider a network-coded cooperative wireless network, where users mutually pair among themselves to realize network coding. We assume a multiuser environment, where users transmit to a common destination in the absence of dedicated relaying nodes. We address the important problem of the mutual pairing of users, which directly governs the(More)
Distributed Software Transactional Memory (D-STM) is a recent but promising model for programming distributed systems. It aims to present programmers with a simple to use abstraction (transactions), while maintaining performance and scalability similar to distributed fine-grained locks. Any complications usually associated with such locks (i.e. distributed(More)
Delirium is characterized by a disturbance of consciousness with accompanying change in cognition. Delirium typically manifests as a constellation of symptoms with an acute onset and a fluctuating course. Delirium is extremely common in the intensive care unit (ICU) especially amongst mechanically ventilated patients. Three subtypes have been recognized:(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetic nephropathy is a clinical diagnosis where proteinuria is present in a patient with diabetes. Early intervention can significantly improve the prognosis. However, imprecision of the currently available biomarkers have impaired effective therapies in a timely manner. Urinary N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) is excreted in abnormally high(More)
The inflammatory response is modulated through interactions among the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Intercommunication between immune cells and the autonomic nervous system is a growing area of interest. Spatial and temporal information about inflammatory processes is relayed to the central nervous system (CNS) where neuroimmune modulation serves(More)