Mohamed Saad Eldin

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Few complete genes belonging to the receptor-like protein class of plant resistance (R) genes (called HcrVf genes in Malus) have been cloned from apple cultivars. To date, the HcrVf2 gene from the Rvi6 locus of ‘Florina’, a derivative of Malus × floribunda 821, is the only cloned apple scab R gene with a proven function. The breakdown of the Rvi6 scab(More)
Topoisomerase IIα (TOP2α) is essential for chromosomal condensation and segregation, as well as genomic integrity. Here we report that RNF168, an E3 ligase mutated in the human RIDDLE syndrome, interacts with TOP2α and mediates its ubiquitylation. RNF168 deficiency impairs decatenation activity of TOP2α and promotes mitotic abnormalities and defective(More)
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