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Cancer of the oesophagus is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in males in Assam, in north-eastern India, and ranks second for females. The chewing of betel nut, with or without tobacco and prepared in various ways, is a common practice in the region and a case-control study has been designed to study the pattern of risk associated with different ways of(More)
BACKGROUND Preclinical and clinical data suggest the possibility of neurotoxicity following exposure of young children to general anesthetics with subsequent behavioral disturbances. The aim of the study was to determine the overall effect of repeated general anesthesia on behavior and emotions of young children aged 1½-5 years old, compared to healthy(More)
OBJECTIVE Preliminary evaluation of efficacy and safety of uzara use in treatment of moderate and severe primary dysmenorrhea in comparison to ibuprofen. MATERIALS AND METHODS This randomized, comparative two way cross-over study comprised 60 single female students at Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt, aged 19-28 years with moderate (n =(More)
PURPOSE External laryngeal manipulation (ELM) is used to get better laryngeal view during direct laryngoscopy. This study was designed to test the hypothesis that ELM done by the intubating anesthetist (laryngoscopist) offers the best laryngeal view for tracheal intubation. MATERIALS AND METHOD A total of 160 patients underwent different surgical(More)
We consider optimization problems in Banach spaces, whose cost functions are convex and smooth, but do not possess strengthened convexity properties. We propose a general class of iterative methods, which are based on combining descent and regularization approaches and provide strong convergence of iteration sequences to a solution of the initial problem.
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