Mohamed S. Osman

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The synthesis of nanocomposite with controlled surface morphology plays a key role for pollutant removal from aqueous environments. The influence of the molecular size of the polyelectrolyte in synthesizing silica-iron oxide core-shell nanocomposite with open shell structure was investigated by using dynamic light scattering, atomic force microscopy, and(More)
In this paper the rough interval multiobjective transportation problem (RIMOTP) is presented and its solution procedure is introduced. The concept of solving the interval multiobjective transportation problem is applied for solving RIMOTP. So, The rough interval in the objective function and the constrains, is represented by three different models and such(More)
Bio-inspired silver nanoparticles were synthesized with the aid of a novel, non-toxic, eco-friendly biological material namely, pink guava waste extract (PGWE). The pink guava waste extract will act as the reducing agent in reduction process in order to reduce the aqueous salt solutions of the silver nitrate. Moreover, economically, this process will also(More)
Adsorption of methylene blue (MB) by NaOH-treated rambutan peel (N-RP) was examined. The adsorption experiments were carried out under different conditions of initial concentration (25-500 mg/L), solution pH 2-12 and N-RP dose (0.05-1.0 g). The influence of these parameters on the adsorption capacity was studied using the batch process. MB adsorption uptake(More)
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