Mohamed S Nouh

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Serial electrocardiograms were taken in 46 Hajj Pilgrims suffering from heat stroke immediately after cooling 12 and 24 h later. The collected data were analyzed and revealed that a statistically significant number of patients with heat stroke had sinus tachycardia (43 percent, p < 0.05), conduction defect (22 percent, p < 0.046), prolonged Q-T interval (61(More)
Ventilatory function was studied in healthy non-smoking Saudi Arabian adult males from Riyadh area, and findings compared with those of some Western and Eastern populations. It was found that while the FVC and FEV1 in our subjects were lower than in American, Canadian, Jordanian, and Hongkong Chinese, these were higher than in Indian and Singapore Chinese.(More)
Serial electrocardiograms as well as echocardiographic studies of 51 pilgrims suffering from acute heat stroke (mean rectal temperature 41.6 degrees C) were performed. All patients were examined immediately after cooling and 24 h later whenever possible. Regional wall motion abnormalities were detected in 9 cases (17.6%) while pericardial effusion was(More)
Fifty-six patients were diagnosed to have mitral valve prolapse (MVP) syndrome by auscultatory criteria, confirmed by cross-sectional echocardiography. Complete physical examination and x-ray of the bony thorax revealed bony deformities which were subdivided into four main groups according to the predominant deformity. Shallow chest with pectus excavatum,(More)
In order to define the clinical features, clinical patterns and significance of aneurysmal dilatation of the coronary arteries, five cases are presented which were diagnosed by coronary angiography. Three cases presented with left ventricular dysfunction secondary to coronary arterial occlusive disease and the fourth patient presented with thromboembolic(More)
Fifty patients with histopathological diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma were studied with special reference to infection with hepatitis B virus and schistosomal infestation. The possible correlation of these two risk factors and liver malignancy is discussed.
During normal pregnancy, the functional load on the heart and circulation are monitored, but the effect of pregnancy on the pericardium has not received the deserved attention. The aim of this study was to assess pericardial sac during normal pregnancy when developing pericardial effusion, with reference to clinical significance and prognostic signs. One(More)
Cross-sectional echocardiography was used to identify and quantify different cardiac abnormalities in 85 patients with hypothyroidism. Pericardial effusion was the most common and was found in 32 patients (37.6%), while abnormal increase in left ventricular dimensions with impairment of function followed next in frequency (16.4%). Asymmetrical septal(More)
In this study, 103 Saudi males and 172 Saudi females were referred for medical check-up for employment purposes and/or as undergraduate students. Clinical evaluation of all participants included full cardiovascular examination, with the following investigations being performed: ECG, chest x-ray, and cross-sectional echocardiography. Bicuspid aortic valve(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of valsartan in a different ethnic population than that studied in international trials. Also to compare the adverse experiences reported in this trial with those reported internationally. METHODS A total of 2940 patients with newly diagnosed or established uncomplicated mild-to-moderate essential hypertension participated(More)