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10 adult rabbits were arranged in five batches, 2 animals of nearly the same body weight in each group. 1 animal in each group was injected with vincristine sulfate whereas the other animal was similarly injected with the dissolving medium and used as a control. The animals were sacrificed 2 days after the last injection, and the areas containing the(More)
24 adult dogs were classified into six groups; in 2 animals of each group the lingual nerve was transected distal to the point of entry of the chorda tympani and its proximal end was sutured to the distal end of the glossopharyngeal nerve. In the other 2 animals transtympanic chorda tympani neurectomy was performed before suturing the lingual and(More)
PURPOSE Nitric oxide formation by nitric oxide synthase (NOS) has been implicated in vascular injury and retinal neovascularization during oxygen-induced retinopathy. However, the role of NOS in normal retinal vascular development and growth has not been studied. The purpose of these experiments was to characterize the expression of NOS in relation to(More)
Bulb mites,Rhizoglyphus echinopus (Fumoze and Robin), were exposed for 10 min in vials precoated with 23 radiocarbon-labeled pesticides, and the kinetics of penetration were assessed following post-exposure periods of 320 min or 24h, depending upon the compound. With all pesticides, penetration was biphasic and consisted of a rapid initial component (alpha(More)
The present work was carried out to study the development of foliate papillae in guinea pigs and the associated changes in the activity of true cholinesterase enzyme. Histological and histochemical differentiation were found to start in the early intrauterine life and were completed before birth. The activity for the true cholinesterase enzyme was detected(More)
This work was undertaken to study the myelination and cholinesterase activity of the developing white matter of chick embryo spinal cord from the 6th day of incubation until hatching. Myelination of the white matter was always preceeded by the aggregation of neuroglial cells. The sequence of myelination in the cervical and thoracic segments was from before(More)
The ecology of Anopheles sergentii and An. multicolor was investigated over eight months to examine the entomological factors maintaining the low Plasmodium vivax transmission in Siwa oasis. The two species were encountered as larvae while the dominant species, Anopheles sergentii was also collected as adults. Breeding sites were characterized for the two(More)