Mohamed S. Elsherif

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Aim We aim to compare the outcome of diabetic patients with gangrenous toes who were managed initially either by digital amputation or by transmetatarsal amputation. The null hypothesis is that transmetatarsal amputation had less theatre trips and better healing. Materials and Methods A parallel observational comparative study of all diabetic patients who(More)
A 59 year old gentleman with a background history of hypertension and hyperlipedaemia, presented to the emergency department with abdominal and chest pain. He was confused and haemodynamically unstable. His blood pressure at presentation was 70/40 His pulse was 125, on examination his abdomen was tender centrally and in the left flank. A fast scan revealed(More)
A 69 year old gentleman with a background history of previous coronary artery bypass graft underwent open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair for a 9 cm symptomatic juxta renal aortic aneurysm with a 20 mm dacron graft 14 years ago. He had pneumonia and pseudomembranous colitis post operatively but recovered completely and was discharged home. He returned(More)
This paper introduces an efficient algorithm for segmentation of fetal ultrasound images using the multiresolution analysis technique. The proposed algorithm decomposes the input image into a multiresolution space using the packet two-dimensional wavelet transform. The system builds features vector for each pixel that contains information about the gray(More)
Background: hepatitis is one of endemic diseases in Egypt represent in almost 15-18% of population, beside bilharzial preportal fibrosis with its sequelae of thrombocytopenia and bleeding disorders making a treating of chronic subdural haematoma challenging neurosurgeon for getting best results especially no guidelines to follow. Aim of the work: to(More)
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