Mohamed Rashed

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Monitoring of pesticide residues were conducted at different locations in the El-Haram region Giza, Egypt. The water samples were collected from El-Haram Giza, canal water supplies (El-Zomor, Abd-el-aal land and seaside and El-Mansorya), in addition to El-Moheet drainage water. The soil samples were collected from the arable land that surrounds water(More)
Microwaves were used in the present work in order to destroy pure aflatoxins (model system), and yellow corn and peanuts containing aflatoxins (food system). Pure aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G2) were individually coated on a silica gel and exposed to microwaves at various power settings and periods. The same technique was adopted for peanuts and yellow corn(More)
Converters for power grid interface are required to operate under abnormal operating conditions such as unbalanced and non-sinusoidal grid voltage waveforms and hence, the multilevel types of converters offer a good solution to achieve high power and high voltage and that modular control consisting of cascaded structures seems the most appropriate solution(More)
This paper assesses different energy loss estimation methods using the supercapacitor model parameters extracted from the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Two energy loss estimation methods are applied to two similar supercapacitors from different manufacturers operating under constant power charge-discharge cycling. The simpler loss method(More)
Development in transport technology is a major issue owing to the increase the number of vehicles, which in turn increases emissions, which result in global warming. The world’s present transportation systems are greatly dependent on petroleum which will deplete rapidly due to limited reserves of fossil fuel. In addition, transportation is responsible for(More)
This paper investigate the problem of instability of constant power load (CPL) fed via a diode bridge rectifier connected in a local AC distribution system fed by wind farm with energy storage system installed. Analysis and simulation illustrates first that the instability as a function of the various system parameters, then control based solutions for(More)
Biodiesel consists of long chain fatty acid esters derived from vegetable oils, animal fats, and used oils. Biodiesel contains different types, amounts, and configurations of unsaturated fatty acids, which are prone to oxidation. Biodiesel stability is affected by its interaction with atmospheric oxygen, light and temperature, storage conditions, and(More)
Gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel is regarded as a promising alternative diesel fuel. It can be used either directly as a diesel fuel or in blends with petroleum-derived diesel or biodiesel. This study investigated the fuel properties, engine performance and exhaust emissions of B5 diesel, GTL fuel and their blends. The main fuel properties of the blended fuels(More)