Mohamed Rachik

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The mechanical properties of a capsule membrane are evaluated by means of a compression experiment between two parallel plates. Since large deformations of the membrane are involved, the choice of the wall material constitutive law is essential. In this paper, we explore different classical laws to describe the behavior of the membrane and evaluate also the(More)
The human skin is an exceedingly complex and multi-layered material. This paper aims to introduce the application of the finite element analysis (FEA) to the in vivo characterization of the non-linear mechanical behaviour of three human skin layers. Indentation tests combined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique have been performed on the left(More)
Finite element simulation of facial mimics provides objective indicators about soft tissue functions for improving diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of facial disorders. There is a lack of in vivo experimental data for model development and validation. In this study, the contribution of the paired Zygomaticus Major (ZM) muscle contraction on the facial(More)
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