Mohamed R. M. Rizk

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Security of wireless sensor networks plays an essential role in the application they used. Due to resource limitations of sensor node, such as energy supply and memory size, pairwise keys establishment between nodes are considered a difficult problem. This paper proposes a simple shared key discovery between sensor nodes in very clear steps. The(More)
Railway wireless communication has become an indispensable part to provide the reliability and safety of the railway operation as well as the improved railway services. GSM for Railway (GSM-R) system is a widely used means of railway communication, its commercial success are fully explained that GSM-R system has maturity and reliability. Along with the(More)
Complex networks are found in various fields. Complex networks are characterized by having a scale-free power-law degree distribution, a small average path length (small world phenomenon), a high average clustering coefficient, and showing the emergence of community structure. Most proposed complex networks models did not incorporate all of these four(More)
Automatic Digital signal type classification (ADSTC) has many important applications in both of the civilian and military domains. Most of the proposed classifiers can only recognize a few types of digital signals. This paper presents a novel technique that deals with the classification of multiuser chirp modulation signals. In this paper, the peak of the(More)
The major issue related to the realization of wireless multimedia system is the design of suitable medium access control (MAC) protocol. The design challenge is to maximize the utilization of the limited wireless resources while guaranteeing the various quality of service (QoS) requirements for all traffic classes especially for the stringent real-time(More)
A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of thousands of sensors and one base station. Sensors are deployed in the network to monitor target area and sense information according to the applied application then send this information to the base station. Adversary can inject false information in the network or compromise the routing information between nodes(More)