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Transmission control protocol (TCP) performance over multi-hop wireless networks is currently attracting considerable interest from the research community. The characteristics of multi-hop wireless networks, such as mobility, link layer contention, high bit error rate, asymmetric path, network partition, hidden exposed nodes and dynamic routing, do not fit(More)
Schema matching is a basic problem in many database application domains, such as data integration. The problem of schema matching can be formulated as follows, &#x201C;given two schemas, S<inf>i</inf> and S<inf>j</inf>, find the most plausible correspondences between the elements of S<inf>i</inf> and S<inf>j</inf>, exploiting all available information, such(More)
Optimal routing in Optical Omega Network (OON) is an NP-hard problem. A major problem called crosstalk is introduced by OON, which is caused by coupling two signals within a Switching Element (SE). Many heuristic algorithms were designed by many researchers to perform this routing such as sequential algorithm, degree-descending algorithm. Routing the(More)
The 4G or Beyond 3G wireless networks is consist of IP-based heterogeneous access networks from 3G cellular, WiFi, WiMAX to other emerging access technologies such as mesh networks. The key objective of designing the next generation wireless networks is to support of mobile subscribers. To support the mobile host in the hybrid wireless access technologies,(More)
Disaster recovery is a persistent problem in IT platforms. This problem is more crucial in cloud computing, because Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have to provide the services to their customers even if the data center is down, due to a disaster. In the past few years, researchers have shown interest to disaster recovery using cloud computing, and a(More)
Cryptosystem based on Lucas Functions is known as LUC Cryptosystem. Lucas Functions are the special form of second-order linear recurrence relation using a large public integer as modulus. In this paper, an efficient computation algorithm for LUC Cryptosystem is developed. It is based on Addition Chain. The computation time for existing and new algorithms(More)