Mohamed Nassim Seghir

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ion Refinement for Quantified Array Assertions Mohamed Nassim Seghir, Andreas Podelski, and Thomas Wies 1 University of Freiburg, Germany 2 EPFL, Switzerland Abstract. We present an abstraction refinement technique for the verification of universally quantified array assertions such as “all elements in the array are sorted”. Our technique can be seamlessly(More)
The paper presents a combination of interactive and automatic tools in the area of software verification. We have integrated a newly developed software model checker into an interactive verification environment for imperative programming languages. Although the problems in software verification are mostly too hard for full automation, we could increase the(More)
We present EviCheck, a tool for the verification, certification and generation of lightweight fine-grained security policies for Android. It applies static analysis to check the conformance between an application and a given policy. A distinguishing feature of EviCheck is its ability to generate digital evidence: a certificate for the analysis algorithm(More)
ةصلاخلا : ةيكيمانيدلا لمجلل ضماغ يمؤلات مكحت ةقيرط ثحبلا اذه حرتقي ريغ لا لخدملا ةيداحأ ةرمتسملا ةيطخ لال ةعضاخلاو ةفورعم ريغ ةيكيمانيد تاذ جرخملا ةيداحأو ض تابارط . تلمعُـتـسا دقو ةقيرطلا هذه يف ريغ لاودلا بيرقتل ةضماغلا لمجلا ةيكيمانيدلا ةلمجلا يف ةفورعملا غ ري لا ةيطخ . مكحتلا نوناق نوكتي اًمود فرعم ضماغ يمؤلات مكحت ءزج نم حرتقملا نيتم مكحت ءزج نمو(More)
Dermoïd cysts are benign tumours, resulting of an embryologic defect. They usually have good prognosis, only a single case of malignant transformation of a sublingual dermoid cyst has been brought back in literature. We report a case of carcinomatous transformation of a dermoïd cyst of the scalp, in a 54 years old man.
The authors present their experience of maxillo-mandibular osteotomies performed at the Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis. The objective of this paper is to describe the preliminary steps (clinical, radiographic, photographic, modelling, cephalometric) in order to obtain a precise diagnosis of the dysmorphosis. They use Burstone's cephalometric analyses(More)