Mohamed Nabli

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The purposes of this study were first to assess the reliability and criterion-related validity of the Illinois change of direction (COD) Illinois Agility Test (IAGT) and second to determine whether a relationship with power and speed exists. A total of 105 male team sport athletes participated in this investigation. Repeat measurements in 89 subjects out of(More)
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have been developed to answer the needs of many wireless applications. A major limiting parameter of the performance of WMNs is the interference between the several communications that occur simultaneously in the same network. To address this limitation, an adequate scheduling algorithm has to be implemented. Hence, this paper(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to examine the physical and physiological demands of basketball refereeing. METHODS 16 elite-level basketball referees were studied during U-19 basketball games (n=8) for time-motion analyses, exercise heart rates (HR) and blood lactate concentration [La]. Game activities were considered as time spent and distance covered in(More)
PURPOSE To examine the relation between game performance, physiological responses, and field-test results in Tunisian basketball referees. METHODS Computerized time-motion analysis, heart rate (HR), and blood lactate concentration [La-] were measured in 15 referees during 8 competitive games (under-19-y-old Tunisian league). Referees also performed a(More)
An examination of patients after reconstructive operations on the aorto-femoral segment in combination with lumbar sympathectomy (173 patients) and without it (75 patients) has shown sympathetcomy to promote reduction of the amount of postoperative thromboses and amputations in the early postoperative period. In the remote period the frequency of(More)
Exine ontogeny is studied in five taxa of the family Zygophyllaceae sensu lato (Peganum harmala L., Zygophyllum album L., Fagonia cretica L., Tribulus terrestris L., and Nitraria retusa [Forsk.] Asch.). In the beginning of the tetrad stage, the plasmalemma is attached to the callose wall, except in T. terrestris, where it describes crests and hollows. The(More)
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