Mohamed N'diaye

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The human humoral immune response to the Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface antigen gp190 was analyzed to determine the rate of reinfection by the parasite and the ability to control parasite density. The prospective study was carried out in a West African village where malaria is hyperendemic. No correlation between the antibody titers and protection(More)
The evolution of CT signs of small, deep infarcts of the cerebral hemispheres in thirty adults, in the first five weeks, has been retrospectively studied. The relevant literature has been reviewed and an attempt has been made to present a synthesis, accompanied by a commentary. It is impossible now to give the frequency of each type of evolution, but the(More)
Two hundred and six Senegalese preschool children included in an epidemiological study were selected by their results from impression cytology with transfer (ICT) for assessment of their nutritional state by means of biological variables and for assessment of the diagnostic values of the ICT. A problem of protein-calorie malnutrition existed (transthyretin(More)
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, the etiological agent of porcine pleuropneumonia, is able to persist on respiratory epithelia, in tonsils, and in the anaerobic environment of encapsulated lung sequesters. We have demonstrated previously that putative HlyX-regulated genes, coding for dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) reductase and aspartate ammonia lyase, are(More)
The 1986-87 outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis in Senegal, with 676 reported cases, provided an opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of an enhanced-potency inactivated poliovirus vaccine (N-IPV) in the Kolda region, where this vaccine has been used since 1980. 89 cases, confirmed to have poliomyelitis with residual paralysis, were enrolled in a(More)
Endemic goitre and its response to orally administered iodized oil has been studied in seven villages 25-30 km south of Velingara, Eastern Casamance, Senegal. In 502 adults aged greater than 15 years goitre prevalence was 62% with 18.2% having goitre grade 2 or 3. Mean free T4 (FT4) was 11.9 +/- 3.5 (SD) pmol/l and iodine deficiency was confirmed by noting(More)
Mitral valve repair is a better therapeutic alternative than valve replacement for rheumatic valve disease in children. Repair procedures are especially well suited to developing countries where heart prostheses and life-long anti-coagulation therapy are largely unaffordable. The purpose of this study was to evaluate medium-term outcome of mitral valve(More)