Mohamed N. Moustafa

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In this paper, we document the face detection competition that we have organized in conjunction with the ISDA 2010 conference. The objective was to compare different face detection engines performance on new unpublished datasets. We believe researchers can benefit from this competition by identifying strong and weak areas in their algorithms relative to(More)
Collision avoidance systems can play a vital role in reducing the number of accidents and saving human lives. In this paper, we introduce and validate a novel method for vehicles reactive collision avoidance using evolutionary neural networks (ENN). A single front-facing rangefinder sensor is the only input required by our method. The training process and(More)
We propose a cascade of two complementary features classifiers to detect pedestrians from static images quickly and accurately. Co-occurrence Histograms of Oriented Gradients (CoHOG) descriptors have a strong classification capability but are extremely high dimensional. On the other hand, Haar-like features are computationally efficient but not highly(More)
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