Mohamed Moussaoui

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In this paper, a technique for improving parallel interference cancellation (PIC) receiver with linear estimators is studied in a CDMA system under power control and near-far case. By multiplying the received signal for each user in early stages by a factor superior than unity, the proposed technique significantly reduces the harmful impact of the bias upon(More)
With the emergence of graph databases, the task of frequent subgraph discovery has been extensively addressed. Although the proposed approaches in the literature have made this task feasible, the number of discovered frequent subgraphs is still very high to be efficiently used in any further exploration. Feature selection based on exact or approximate(More)
HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers. L'archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est destinée au dépôt età la diffusion(More)
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