Mohamed Moussaoui

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In this paper, a technique for improving parallel interference cancellation (PIC) receiver with linear estimators is studied in a CDMA system under power control and near-far case. By multiplying the received signal for each user in early stages by a factor superior than unity, the proposed technique significantly reduces the harmful impact of the bias upon(More)
Frequent subgraph mining is useful in most knowledge discovery tasks such as classification, clustering and indexing. Many algorithms and methods have been developed to mine frequent subgraphs. To have an understanding of several mining frequent subgraph algorithms, it is advantageous to establish a common framework for their study. In this paper, we(More)
Expectations and requirements for wireless communication systems continue to grow rapidly. Reliability is one of the most challenging criterions. Soft combined turbo codes technique aims to improve the error correction capability of turbo codes by using soft combining principle, at bit level, inside the turbo decoder. In particular, this approach is based(More)
This paper presents a performance evaluation of OFDM LTE downlink physical layer according to the latest 3GPP specifications. Particularly, adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) is described and analyzed. This is in conjunction with the turbo decoding algorithm Max-Log-Maximum A Posteriori (Max-Log-MAP) used in soft input soft output (SISO) decoders. The(More)
Frequent subgraph mining refers usually to graph matching and it is widely used when analyzing big data with large graphs. A lot of research works dealt with structural exact or inexact graph matching but a little attention is paid to semantic matching when graph vertices and/or edges are attributed and typed. Therefore, it seems very interesting to(More)
With the emergence of graph databases, the task of frequent subgraph discovery has been extensively addressed. Although the proposed approaches in the literature have made this task feasible, the number of discovered frequent subgraphs is still very high to be efficiently used in any further exploration. Feature selection based on exact or approximate(More)
Parallel interference cancellation (PIC) is a family of low complexity multi-user detection methods for DS/CDMA systems. The performance of the multistage PIC depends on the decision function used in the interference cancellation. In this paper, we propose to provide the performance of PIC receiver using Xha function ‘clipping’ with respect to decision(More)
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