Mohamed Monib

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Organic agriculture as well as good agricultural practices (GAPs) intrigues the concern of both consumers and producers of agricultural commodities. Bio-preparates of various rhizospheric microorganisms (RMOs) are potential sources of biological inputs supporting plant nutrition and health. The response of open-field potatoes to the application of RMO(More)
Out of 150 Egyptian bats (Pipistrellus Kuhli) hunted in the premises of Sohag City, 60 (40%) were harbouring typanosomes of the subgenus Megatypanum (Hoare, 1964). They were T. M. heybergi (Rodhian, 1923), T. M. possoai (Dean and Sugary, 1963) and T. M. magadermae (Wenyon, 1990).
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