Mohamed Mhiri

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—Recently, texture-based features have been used for digitized historical document image segmentation. It has been proven that these methods work effectively with no a priori knowledge. Moreover, it has been shown that they are robust when they are applied on degraded documents under different noise levels and types. In this paper an approach of evaluating(More)
Nowadays, new technologies contribute to make Information Systems (IS) more and more complex. So, IS modelling requires the use of a referential to resolve some problems and conflicts due to the ignorance of the field to be modelled, to the complexity and the multitude of the concepts used. These concepts come from heterogeneous sources. This heterogeneity(More)
These recent years, we have seen the emergence of several studies allowing a linkage between databases and ontologies to facilitate the design of databases. However, these studies do not address the needs of the advanced applications, because they do not integrate mechanisms that consider the temporal characteristic. In addition, the complexity of real-time(More)
Today Bayesian networks are more used in many areas of decision support and image processing. In this way, our proposed approach uses Bayesian Network to modelize the segmented image quality. This quality is calculated on a set of attributes that represent local evaluation measures. The idea is to have these local levels chosen in a way to be intersected(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Récemment, des approches basées sur l'analyse des descripteurs de texture ont été largement explorées pour la segmentation d'images de documents anciens numérisés. Il a été prouvé que ces méthodes fonctionnent efficacement en n'ayant pas de connaissances préalables. En outre, il a été démontré qu'elles sont robustes lorsqu'elles sont appliquées sur(More)
For the segmentation of ancient digitized document images, it has been shown that texture feature analysis is a consistent choice for meeting the need to segment a page layout under significant and various degradations. In addition, it has been proven that the texture-based approaches work effectively without hypothesis on the document structure, neither on(More)
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