Mohamed Mhiri

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We report a nosocomial outbreak of urinary tract infection caused by Myroides odoratimimus, previously called Flavobacterium odoratum, in the urology unit of a Tunisian hospital. From May to November 2010, seven isolates of M. odoratimimus were recovered from urine. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis clearly differentiated these isolates into two possibly(More)
Percutaneous nephrostomy is a new and very efficient technique of the drainage of the obstructed kidney. It is better indicated to treat obstructive anuria in the child especially if the obstructive agent is a bilateral stone. Having performed such method successively in 3 patients suffering of calculus anuria, the author tries to point out its advantages(More)
AIM To assess the changing profile of children's nephrectomy indications in the south of Tunisia during the last two decades. METHODS There were 94 children who underwent nephrectomy between 1982 and 2007. They were classified into two groups. The first group included 55 out of 511 hospitalized children between 1982 and 1994, the second included 39 out of(More)
INTRODUCTION We compared short- and long-term outcomes of renal transplants with single versus multiple arteries. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed data from kidney transplants from 208 living donors performed between 1994 and 2010. Renal grafts were divided into two groups: single renal artery (n = 164) versus multiple renal arteries (n =(More)
An extrapulmonary neuroendocrine tumor arising in the prostate gland has been described in several case series; however, pure and primary prostatic neuroendocrine tumors are very rare, their biologic behavior is not yet well known, and there are only a few reports in the literature describing the clinical features and management of this neoplasm. This(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the indications and short-term and long-term results of Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy in children. PATIENTS AND METHOD Between 1992 and 2004, 13 boys and 17 girls underwent Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy with creation of a stoma in the right iliac fossa. The mean age was 10 years (range: 5-15 years). The indication for surgery(More)
Five cases of cancer of the testicle in patients with cryptorchidism are presented. In one case the tumour occurred 16 years after cure for cryptorchidism at 15 years of age. In the other cases, the tumour developed on a testicle in an inguinal or intra-abdominal position. In two cases, it was impossible to remove the tumour which had developed on an(More)