Mohamed Mezghiche

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Les logiques de description (DLs) sont une famille de langages utilisés pour la représentation et le raisonnement sur des connaissances d'un domaine d'application d'une manière structurée et formelle. Pour atteindre cet objectif, plusieurs raisonneurs ont été implantés, comme RACER et FACT++. Toutes ces implantations n'ont pas encore été certifiées. Pour(More)
In this paper, we describe a method for clustering XML documents. Its goal is to group documents sharing similar structures. Our approach is two-step. We first automatically extract the structure from each XML document to be classified. This extracted structure is then used as a representation model to classify the corresponding XML document. The idea(More)
The Web ontology language (OWL) is a formal language for representing ontologies for the Semantic Web (SW). OWL is based on description logics (DL), a family of languages used for the representation and reasoning with knowledge of an application domain in a structured and formal way. Formal methods play an important role in the development of Semantic Web(More)
The evolution of wireless network technologies and the recent advances in mobile computing hardware have made possible the introduction of various applications in mobile adhoc networks. Not only is the infrastructure of these networks inherently vulnerable but they have increased requirements regarding their security as well. As intrusion prevention(More)
Formal methods are increasingly used in software engineering. They offer a formal frame that guarentees the correctness of developments. However, they use complex notations that might be difficult to understand for unaccustomed users. It thus becomes interesting to formally specify the core components of a language, implement a prov-ably correct(More)