Mohamed Mediouni

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This paper reports on steel pressure vessels to establish the relationship between the growth of ductile cracks and acoustics emission (AE) produced during the different steps of crack propagation in laboratory specimens (plastic deformation, crack initiation and propagation). To determine the efficiency of the AE method to detect the evolution of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients with complex medical and surgical problems often travel great distances to prestigious university medical centers in search of solutions and in some cases for nothing more than a diagnosis of their condition. Translational medicine (TM) is an emerging method and process of facilitating medical advances efficiently from the scientist to(More)
Little has been published about the complexity of orthopaedic tumors compared to others tumors. The current study in the literature treated this problem in terms of classification, surgical intervention and impact on the patient. In this article, factors risks of tumors will be we identified. A strategy based on three dimensional simulations will be(More)
The European regulation regarding pressure equipment (i.e. Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/CE) is applicable since May 2002. The member states have since adopted regulations enabling the use of innovative NDE methods such as acoustic emission as a global method associated to a local method such as TOFD technique which permits an accurate(More)
The drilling bone may potentially cause excessive frictional heat, which can lead to local bone necrosis. This heat generation and local necrosis has been suggested to contribute to the resorption of bone around the placed screws, ending in loss of screw purchase in the bone and inadvertent loosening and/or the bone-implant construct. In vivo studies on(More)
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