Mohamed M. Rehan

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Modification of calcium carbonate particles with surfactant significantly improves the properties of the calcium carbonate coating on paper. In this study, unmodified and CTAB (hexadecyltetramethylammonium bromide)- and oleate-modified calcium carbonate nanoparticles were prepared using the wet carbonation technique for paper coating. CTAB (cationic(More)
In this paper, we present a developed NS-3 based emulation platform for evaluating and optimizing the performance of the LTE networks. The developed emulation platform is designed to provide real-time measurements. Thus it eliminates the need for the high cost spent on real equipment. The developed platform consists of three main parts, which are video(More)
In situ incorporation technique was used for coloration and acquiring excellent antibacterial properties for viscose fibers by silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). AgNPs were prepared in situ and incorporated in viscose matrix directly without using any other reducing and stabilizing agents. The main objective of this research was to successfully employ the(More)
Despite License Plate Recognition is mainly regarded as a solved problem; most of the techniques have been mainly developed for specific country or special formats which can strictly limits their applicability. There have been extensive studies of license plate detection since the 70s. The suggested approaches have difficulties in processing high-resolution(More)
This paper presents an efficient image restoration algorithm that is content adaptive. Traditional image restoration or de-blurring algorithms apply the same logic on the whole image even when only few image blocks are blurry. The developed algorithm is designed to use less calculations and save the un-blurred image parts quality during the de-blurring(More)
Controlling the size and shape of noble Ag nanocrystals (NCs) is of great interest because of their unique size- and shape-dependent properties, especially below 20 nm, and because of interesting applications in drug delivery, sensing, and catalysis. However, the high surface energy and tendency of these tiny NCs to aggregate deteriorates their unique(More)
The ideal biomedical fiber/fabric materials can both promote the drug delivery properties and prevent microbial infection. Herein we present an innovation-based strategy for fabrication of biomedical cotton gauze which concomitantly displays antimicrobial and drug delivery performance properties. The innovative strategy involved three distinct steps: (1)(More)
Multicast is one of the most efficient ways to distribute data to multiple users. There are different types of Multicast such as IP Multicast, Overlay Multicast, and Application Layer Multicast (ALM). In this paper, we present a link-aware Application Layer (ALM) Multicast algorithm. Our proposed algorithm, Link Aware-NICE (LA-NICE) [1], is an enhanced(More)
Herein, the highly multifunctional cotton fabric surfaces were designed with excellent coloration, UV-protection function, and antimicrobial activity. These multifunctional functions were developed by in-situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) into the cotton fabric surface using a simple green one-pot "UV-reduction" method. Cotton fabrics were(More)
In this paper, we present a dynamic framework for P2P video streaming using dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH). DASH is a very popular standard and is expected to dominate the adaptive streaming market. Our proposed framework defines several components; DASH Session Coordinator (DSC), Intelligent Content Server (ICS), and Adaptive Streaming Client(More)