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OBJECTIVES The optimal prosthesis option for aortic valve replacement in adult patients<60 years of age with severe aortic stenosis (AS) remains controversial. The objective was to determine the long-term outcomes of the Ross procedure in this population. METHODS Between 1990 and 2013, 276 patients aged 18 years and above (mean 40.3±10.6) underwent an(More)
The hydraulic ileal valve, which we developed in 1975, ensures continence by adapting to 5 different urinary reservoirs. The valve is made by isolating a 14 cm. long intestinal loop with the mesentery. The isolated ileal segment then is folded inward on itself throughout its entire length. We performed 136 continent urostomies with this hydraulic valve. An(More)
Priapism is a rare disease, characterized by prolonged, painful and irreducible erection, not resulting in ejaculation. It is an andrological emergency with a poor prognosis, as the risk of impotence is 50% despite appropriate management. Treatment is essentially surgical. The authors report their experience of 16 cases of priapism observed over a 15-year(More)
The authors report a series of 30 vesico-uterine fistulas (VUF) observed over a 25-year period. The mean age of the patients was 28 years (range: 18 to 40 years). VUF were secondary to caesarean section (23 cases), abnormal delivery (5 cases) and rupture of the bladder and uterus (2 cases). The presenting complaint was a permanent total and isolated urinary(More)
Gangrène of the male external genitalia (GMEG) is characterized by necrotizing cell evolving toward necrotizing of the soft tissues of the male genitalia and possibly death. The cause may be primary infection called Fournier's gangrene (5%) or secondary infection (95%) due to general or local factors. GMEG is a real urinary emergency because of its local(More)
There has been an increase in the frequency of candidiasis urinary infections, which mainly affect diabetic or immunodepressed patients. However, the obstruction of the upper urinary tract by fungal infection is a rare occurrence. The introduction of novel antifungal agents has improved the treatment of fungal infection. In this study, two cases have been(More)
The authors report a case of renal metastasis from a thyroid adenocarcinoma in a 56-year-old man, occurring 3 years after isthmolobectomy for papillary thyroid carcinoma. He predominant clinical symptoms were low back pain, haematuria and deterioration of the general state. Ultrasonography showed a hypoechoic left renal mass, 56 mm in diameter, with a(More)
The objective of the present study was to understand the influence of some types of probiotics on the growth parameters and the intestinal microbial flora of O. niloticus. The fish were divided into three groups, the first one fed on diet supplemented with dead Saccharomyces cerevisae yeast, the second group fed on diet supplemented with live Bacillus(More)