Mohamed Lakdar Ben Mohamed

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OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of laparoscopic bipolar electrocoagulation with laparotomic hemostatic suturing during unilateral ovarian cystectomy on the ovarian reserve. METHODS A prospective randomized trial was conducted on 59 women with unilateral benign ovarian cysts who underwent laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy by a stripping technique (n = 30)(More)
This study aimed to characterize Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates in 2 intensive care units in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. P. aeruginosa isolates from patients' and staff hands and environmental samples were typed using antibiotyping and ERIC-PCR. In Egypt, isolates from suction apparatus tubing and drainage containers (A7) and AV tubing (A8) were linked to(More)
To evaluate the role of serum level of VEGF-A in comparison to CA-125 in diagnosis and follow-up of patients with advanced endometriosis after conservative laparoscopic surgery. A prospective randomized case–control study was performed on patients referred for laparoscopy complaining of unexplained primary infertility with or without chronic pelvic pain.(More)
BACKGROUND Endometrial polyps are one of the most common endometrial abnormalities and it may be associated with infertility and early pregnancy loss. The aim of this study was to investigate the levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 binding protein (IGFBP-1) and glycodelin levels in uterine flushings before and after hysteroscopic polypectomy. METHODS(More)
In Ben Mabrouk and Ben Mohamed (2006) [A. Ben Mabrouk, M.L. Ben Mohamed, On some critical and slightly super-critical sub-superlinear equations. Far East J. Appl. Math. 23(1) (2006) 73–90, Special Volume of PDEs; A. Ben Mabrouk, M.L. Ben Mohamed, Nodal solutions for some nonlinear elliptic equations, Appl. Math. Comp., in press,(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the association of plasma MIF level and -173 G/C single nucleotide polymorphism of the MIF gene with the occurrence, severity and mortality of sepsis patients. A study was conducted in adult surgical intensive care units of Zagazig University Hospitals, Egypt on 25 patients with sepsis, 27 with severe sepsis and 28 controls.(More)
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