Mohamed Karim Sbai

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BitTorrent is one of the Internet's most efficient content distribution protocols. It is known to perform very well over the wired Internet where end-to-end performance is almost guaranteed. However, in wireless ad hoc networks, many constraints appear as the scarcity of resources and their shared nature, which make running BitTorrent with its default(More)
As a result of the wide spread of new efficient mobile communication devices, users are more and more willing to find on these devices (PDAs, Smartphones, etc) applications similar to the ones they are using on their desktop computers. We go one step in this direction and propose in this demo a software we have designed and implemented to enable content(More)
Spontaneous multi-hop wireless networks provide a new environment for sharing content among communities of end users. Nodes interested in some content can share it on a multi-hop basis by relying on the collaboration of intermediate nodes. Organizing the communication overlay in such an environment is then a challenging task especially given the mobility of(More)
Taking advantage of the recent litterature on exact simulation algorithms (Beskos, Papaspiliopoulos and Roberts [1]) and unbiased estimation of the expectation of certain fonctional integrals (Wagner [27], Beskos et al. [2] and Fearnhead et al. [6]), we apply an exact simulation based technique for pricing continuous arithmetic average Asian options in the(More)
MANETs are self-organizing networks composed of mobile wireless nodes with often scarce resources. Distributed applications based on the P2P paradigm are by nature good candidates to run over such networks. To profit from the service provided by a P2P overlay (e.g. file sharing using BitTorrent), a peer needs to be permanently informed about the other(More)
— We improve and validate TICP [3], our TCP-friendly reliable transport protocol to collect information from a large number of Internet entities. A collector machine sends probes to a set of information sources that reply by sending back their reports. TICP adapts the sending rate of probes in a way similar to TCP for the purpose of avoiding network(More)
The rise of popularity of video streaming services has resulted in increased volumes of network traffic, which in turn have created Internet bottlenecks leading to perceived quality degradations. In this paper, we argue that a good way to tackle this type of congestion is to make the contents available inside ISPs' networks. We thus propose a(More)
La politique de choix des voisins joue un rôle capital dans la détermination de l'efficacité d'une application pair-à-pair pour le partage de fichiers. L'idéal serait d'obtenir des temps de téléchargement minimaux avec le maximum d'opportunités de partage entre les utilisateurs. Dans un réseau ad hoc mobile, toute politique de choix des voisins devrait(More)
This demo illustrates the benefits of BitHoc, a standalone protocol for content sharing among spontaneous communities of mobile handhelds using wireless multi-hop connections. BitHoc is a Trackerless BitTorrent-like application adapted to mobile wireless ad-hoc networks(MANET). The current BitHoc architecture is composed of three principal components: a(More)