Mohamed Jamal Eddine Benatia

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Justification of Latin script based texts is carried out by handling of hyphenation and insertion of inter-word glue, which can be stretched or shrunk to some extent. Due to the cursive nature of Arabic writing, text justification in Arabic has a quite different logic. So, the classical algorithms of text justification must be completely revised.(More)
The Unicode Standard provides a quite complete set of standard mathematic characters to support publication of mathematics in a Latin script based writing. Arabic alphabet based scripts make use of local ways for writing mathematics. Even tough some local symbols can be obtained via mirroring of already existing symbols, there are many symbols found in(More)
The Mr 52,000 cathepsin-D-like protease induced by estrogens in MCF7 human breast cells was assayed in 182 primary breast cancer cytosols prepared for receptor assays from pre- and post-menopausal patients. Using two solid-phase sandwich immunoenzymatic assays, we quantified the total Mr 52,000 cathepsin D (52K-cath-D) (the Mr 52,000 precursor protein and(More)
Plasmatic amino acids concentrations were measured in 59 depressive patients and compared with that of a control population. Serine, glutamine, cystine, lysine and arginine have increased levels in the depressed males and females; so are 3 competitors of the tryptophan for the transport through the blood-brain barrier: valine, leucine and isoleucine. The(More)
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