Mohamed Ismail

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A class of generic decentralised distributed fountain coding schemes is introduced and the tools of analysis of the performance of such schemes are presented. It is demonstrated that the developed approach can be used to formulate a robust code design methodology in a number of instances. We show that two non-standard applications of fountain codes,(More)
Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes have been adopted in a number of wired and wireless communication standards due to their improved error correcting ability and relatively simple decoder structure. However, for very high throughput systems operating in the multi-Gb/s range conventional decoding methods based on message passing are limited, due largely(More)
Recent studies have shown that run-time monitoring is a promising approach for improving the security and reliability of computer systems. In this paper, we present a framework and architecture for applying run-time monitoring to hard real-time systems. In this framework, monitoring is only performed when enough dynamic slack exists in order to ensure that(More)
In this contribution, duals of fountain codes are introduced and their use for lossy source compression is investigated. It is shown both theoretically and experimentally that the source coding dual of the binary erasure channel coding problem, binary erasure quantization, is solved at a nearly optimal rate with application of duals of LT and raptor codes(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess complication rates and intermediate oncological outcomes of laparoscopic-assisted cryoablation (LCA) in patients with small renal masses (SRMs). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective review of 808 patients treated with LCA for T1a SRMs from 2005 to 2015 at eight European institutions. Complications were analysed according to the(More)
This paper describes a system for speech coding designed to operate at 300 bits/sec and below. A continuous speech recogniser is used to transcribe incoming speech as a sequence of sub-word units termed acoustic segments. Prosodic information is combined with segment identity to form a serial data stream suitable for transmission. A rule-based system maps(More)
Fountain codes are a robust solution for data multicasting to a large number of receivers which experience variable channel conditions and different packet loss rates. However, the standard fountain code design becomes inefficient if all receivers have access to some side information correlated with the source information. We focus our attention on the(More)
In this contribution, we consider the application of digital fountain (DF) codes to the problem of data transmission when side information is available at the decoder. The side information is modelled as a "virtual" channel output when original information sequence is the input. For two cases of the system model, which model both the virtual and the actual(More)
The emphasis of emerging mobile and Web 2.0 applications on collaboration and communication increases threats to user privacy. A serious, yet under-researched privacy risk results from social inferences about user identity, location and other personal information. In this paper, after analyzing the social inference problem theoretically, we assess the(More)
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