Mohamed Ismail Harb

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The modified phonon dispersion is of importance for understanding the origin of the reduced heat conductivity in nanowires. We have measured the phonon dispersion for 50 nm diameter InSb (111) nanowires using time-resolved X-ray diffraction. By comparing the sound speed of the bulk (3880 m/s) and that of a classical thin rod (3600 m/s) to our measurement(More)
We report on measurements of the light absorption efficiency of InSb nanowires. The absorbed 70 fs light pulse generates carriers, which equilibrate with the lattice via electron-phonon coupling. The increase in lattice temperature is manifested as a strain that can be measured with X-ray diffraction. The diffracted X-ray signal from the excited sample was(More)
Waves have a nonlinear behavior. Thus, the application of direct dynamic analysis on offshore structures will face some difficulties. Therefore, some adjustments are required to the static analysis procedure in order to account for the dynamic nature of the wave–structure system and to present efficiently the behavior of offshore structures. A practical(More)
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